STAR: The Symptom Tracker app

Everyone’s experience of ATTR amyloidosis can be different so it’s important to keep track of all your symptoms, even if they seem unrelated

STAR: The Symptom Tracker app is a free digital symptom tracker for people with ATTR amyloidosis that makes the day-to-day recording of symptoms quick and easy for you and your family.

STAR: The Symptom Tracker app was developed and funded by Alnylam Switzerland GmbH®

Regular symptom tracking can help you to:

  • Recognize and develop a more complete understanding of your symptoms
  • Identify early changes, or any new symptoms as soon as they occur
  • Record the changes that have had the greatest impact on your wellbeing and lifestyle
  • Better communicate any changes in your condition with your doctor and the healthcare team at your next consultation
  • Assert greater control over your health and share in discussions about future care

“The disease can do a lot of damage if you let it evolve, so knowing, being vigilant, helps you avoid irreversible degradations, such as the lack of sensitivity in your legs."

- Jean-Christophe, hereditary ATTR amyloidosis patient, France.

App features

An easy to navigate menu offers you a simple way to track how you feel and any changes to your health and wellbeing

  • Identify and record the complete picture of your symptoms listed by body part
  • Track symptom changes with a simple click, whenever it is most convenient for you
  • Record on the impact of each symptom on day-to-day activities, mood, energy levels, and relationships with family and friends
  • Better communicate any changes in your condition with your doctor and the healthcare team at your next consultation
  • Assert greater control the app for the symptoms that matter most to you


ATTR Amyloidosis Symptom Tracker Feature Screenshots

“We need tools to encourage patients to be clear and specific when describing their symptoms."

- Professor Philip Hawkins, National Amyloidosis Centre University College, London, UK.

ATTR Amyloidosis Symptom Tracker Report Screenshot

By sharing as much information as possible with your doctor and healthcare team, they can get a more accurate picture of your condition and help you to reduce the impact on your day-to-day life.

  • Choose to share accurate and timely information with your healthcare team
  • Share summary reports in confidence on any of your symptom changes and their impact over time
  • Better communicate how you are coping and any symptoms causing concern

Find your path to better health with STAR: The Symptom Tracker app for people with ATTR amyloidosis.

Available now to download for free on Android or iPhone.

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STAR: The Symptom Tracker app does not pursue a medical purpose. It is designed to keep a record of users’ symptoms, how they change over time and their impact on users’ well-being and lifestyle. The app is not intended as a disease monitoring tool or as a symptoms checker. To have symptoms checked, users are advised to talk to their healthcare professional. Furthermore, STAR: The Symptom Tracker app does not make any medical diagnoses. Users are advised to seek the advice of a medical professional if they are concerned about their health.