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Hear from people about their experiences living with hereditary ATTR (hATTR) amyloidosis

Why we need to Bridge the Gap in awareness of hATTR amyloidosis

Jean-Christophe Fidalgo, Amyloidosis Alliance, and Koenraad Verhagen, The Stichting Amyloïdose Nederland, on the value of sharing patients' stories

Experiences of those living with hereditary ATTR (hATTR) amyloidosis

Jean-Christophe’s Story: A Positive Outlook
Catilena's story: looking to the future
Sophia’s Story: Experience with Genetic Testing
Sophia´s story, UK
Catilena's Story, Spain
Roland's story, Germany
David's story, U.K.
Jean-Christophe's story, France
Philip's story, the Netherlands
Vitor's story, Portugal
Andreas's story, Sweden

Tips from a cardiac genetic nurse

The latest genetic testing guidelines
Talking to family about a diagnosis
Dealing with a diagnosis of hATTR amyloidosis
When a family member is at risk of hATTR amyloidosis
The importance of talking about hATTR amyloidosis

Conversations between Sophia, a V122 patient, and Dr Jason Dungu, a UK Consultant Cardiologist

What is hereditary amyloidosis?
Getting the most out of a consultation
Can you take someone with you to a consultation?
Coming to terms with a genetic condition
Where to find information online

Peer-to-peer advice for healthcare professionals in ATTRv amyloidosis

How does ATTR amyloidosis present?
What do we know about the V122I subtype?
Are there cultural nuances to be aware of amongst the Black British patient community?
Are there concerns with patients not seeking clinical support?
Is late diagnosis an issue?
What are the emotional considerations when diagnosing ATTR amyloidosis?
NP-UK-00357 | March 2024